Stainless Steel Electronic Hand Luggage Scale Portable Digital Luggage Scale 50kg


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Battery: 1 CR2032 button battery

1. 4-bit LCD display, clearer reading

2. Precision sensor, stable quality, more accurate weighing

3. Unique weighing hook position design makes weighing more convenient

4. Multiple measurement units can be converted at will, kg (kg), lb (lb), oz (oz), g (g)

5. Product size: 150 * 30 * 24mm

6. Large weighing: 50KG Accuracy: 10G Weighing: 50G

7. Delicate, small and convenient to carry, it is a good choice for carrying things

8. Press the button key to start the electronic scale in any state

9. In the shutdown mode, press the key briefly to start the machine

10. Tare removal: in the weighing mode, press briefly to remove the tare and return to zero

11. Unit switching: in the power off mode, press the power on button for a short time and when the screen is full, press the button again immediately to enter the unit switching mode, press the button again until the desired unit is reached, stop for a few seconds and automatically reset to zero, enter the weighing mode to weigh



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Elliptical Blu – Black, Round green light-white


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